A. Karabelis, director, Metaxas Hospital, Athens: 

"No to the vaccine for the new flu" 


Tuesday, 10th November 2009
On the news bulletin of the ALTER channel in Greece, the director of the pathology clinic of the Metaxas hospital Áthanasios Karabelis (pathologist-oncologist) was categorical:
“Mortality from swine flu is 0.1-0.2%.
Íew Zealand and Poland are not carrying out comprehensive vaccinations of citizens, restricting the relevant action to high-risk groups.
The vaccine is not sufficiently tested and includes adjuvants suspected of triggering serious side-effects. 
The first reliable clinical study is expected in December 2010.” 

On Friday 6th November the syndicalist organization of doctors ARSI held a public meeting on the subject of the new flu at the Law School of the University of Athens. 

ARSI member Athanasios Karabelis ARSI member Olga Kosmopoulou

The truth about the new swine flu H1N1 and the vaccine. 

See the video of Olga Kosmopoulou's talk in Aigina

In the coming days vaccination will begin for "school students, health workers and vulnerable groups" against the new H1N1 swine flu, and the population as a whole is urged to be vaccinated against both the new flu and the seasonal flu, on a voluntary basis, without the written consent which was originally mandatory. 

But there are many who doubt both the safety of, and the necessity for, these vaccines, and a large proportion of people internationally, including doctors, are declaring that they will not be vaccinated against the new flu. 

This doubt is indeed justified, because the truth about this new H1N1 swine flu and the relevant vaccination has been systematically concealed, internationally, by everyone concerned who has something to gain from the conspiracy of silence, that is to say the pharmaceutical companies (the sickness industry), the mass media (the fear industry), the medical hierarchy and the fellow-travellers (opportunity for a career and side benefits), and the politicians - salesmen of protection

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