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This too happened in the Greece of 2012

“Help, we are being sprayed”, they protest outside the Greek Pentagon

23/10/2012 14:32


On the morning of Tuesday 23rd October the Attica Action Group conducted a protest demonstration outside the Ministry of National Defence…..against chemtrails aerial spraying.

The demonstrators took up position at 7 a.m. outside the Pentagon and submitted a protest resolution to the Ministry of National Defence, addressed to the head of the General Staff of National Defence Michalis Kostarakos and to the three heads of the divisional general staffs and expecting answers.

According to the Attica Action Group chemical spraying is being carried out every day in Greece but also in the whole world. “This act of genocide against humanity as a whole is not going to stop without our action. Without the action of all of us. We have a right and an obligation towards ourselves and our children to live under skies that are clean. Activists and ecological organizations are compiling data and filing litigation, pressuring their governments everywhere in the world.

We too therefore cannot afford to remain indifferent in the face of a crime against humanity and against the environment,” it says, among other things, in their declaration.

Nevertheless, the General Staff of the Air Force has already taken a position, and indeed through a declaration of its own. Last May it stated unequivocally that “no flights for spraying chemical substances are taking place over Greek territory.”

The reason that the Air Force General Staff was obliged to issue this statement was the e-mail bombardment to which the head of the Air Force General Staff and other senior officers of the Hellenic Air Force were being subjected. The mails were coming from citizens charging that that aircraft of unknown identity flying in the skies over Greece were leaving behind them white “trails”, that is to say emissions, usually white, that not only did not disperse but also spread out as if they were artificial clouds. For rational people the content of the messages reaching the Pentagon might seem reminiscent of a novel of Huxley or Orwell: “Over the last days the skies over Athens have been filled with chemical trails. This has been preceded by spraying from aircraft for which no flight plans are provided and it is to be wondered that they are not shot down by our Hellenic Air Force,” says an e-mail sent to the Air Force General Staff.



1) Minister of National Defence Mr. Panos Panagiotopoulos

2) Head of the General Staff Mr. Michael Kostarakos


1) Head of the Army General Staff Mr. Konstantinos Ginis,

2) Head of the Air Force General Staff Mr. Antonis Tsantirakis,

3) Head of the Navy General Staff Mr. Kosmas Christidis,

4) Every other authority, political parties, professional associations, mass media, citizens


Through this document, which we sign in the attached pages, we inform you of the following:

We took up positions of our own free will outside the entrance of the Greek Pentagon, today 23rd October 2012 at 7.30 a.m. to protest:


1) The continual chemical spraying that has been taking place systematically in the Greek skies in recent years. Particularly in the last two weeks in Attica, and for the last month throughout Greece, aircraft have been in operation relentlessly and non-stop, leaving behind white trails that spread out in the sky, forming artificial clouds which at some point must reach the ground, with unknown consequences for human health and the environment. These aircraft, whether civilian or military but without identifying markings, go back and forth over the capital and other densely populated areas of Greece, without anybody being able to provide clear information on their flight paths.

2) The dishonest statements by the Air Force, the Civil Aviation Authority and all implicated official bodies, whose only purpose is conceal the existence this global phenomenon and mislead citizens. The chemical spraying is a gigantic worldwide operation aimed at modifying, but also weaponizing, the weather and climate, without taking the slightest account either of the human factor or of the welfare of the planet.


We require:

1. Full, honest and responsible provision of information on this global spraying. Greek citizens, and by extension all the people of this world have every right to know How, What, Why and By Whom this programme is being conducted and what effects it is having on our health. Any reiteration of the ridiculous justifications for the phenomenon that are being given (that what we are seeing is “ice crystals” or “the effects of atmospheric moisture”) will be regarded de facto as perpetuation of the concealment and of the crass derogation of our intelligence, not to mention contradiction of the laws of logic and of physics.

2. Protection of our lives by the health authorities of the state. The findings from analysis of rainwater, food and blood from people in various parts of the world are shocking.

3. Future protection from our Air Force, so that we may feel, and be confident, that it is the guardian of Greek air space and is defending the country’s citizens from malicious actions aimed at harming the country’s citizens, whether directly or indirectly.


This document is being submitted to the Ministry of National Defence and to every other authority we believe should know of our protest.

The signatories:



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