“The Contribution of Aigina to the International Campaign against Aerosol spraying and ‘Geoengineering’
7th March 2010 Municipal Theatre of Aigina"

Speech by Nektarios Koukoulis

Good morning and thank you for your invitation. 
From what I have heard – and I have been informed by Mr. Hall and more generally, from the mass media – without knowing it, in 2003 , I made a move, as it were, a little bit historic, that is to say I initiated the reaction of the first public body, of local government, to this subject. I did it naturally in the course of my duties as a municipal councillor. But the movement for me was not just a formality because every public person, every elected representative, is required to be interested in public health. From the data that had been made available to me at that time I determined that in fact there was an issue at stake. At that time, six, six and a half, years ago, geoengineering, this technology, had not become particularly well-known, and I am glad to have contributed, albeit in this small way – in conjunction with others – to this movement’s having become more positive and more organized. What I feel I should say, above and beyond what I did myself at that time in the course of my duties as a councillor, is that I perceive today it was a symbolic move insofar as the public authorities must be alert to such questions, because I see that if some bodies are not put under pressure from public authorities that express the will of the public, big vested interests will cook up all kinds of schemes to our detriment. Much more could be said, but I am not a specialist or an environmentalist or a climate scientist. I am simply an interested citizen and I believe that with all these initiatives together we will contribute to positive developments, for the common good. Thank you again. 

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