Intervention by Theodora Spyridaki at the function “The Contribution of Aigina to the Campaign against Aerial Spraying and ‘Geoengineering’, 7th March 2010 at the Municipal Theatre of Aigina.

Theodora Spyridaki

I want to continue by telling you that I represent the group called Aigina Workshop, which was started a year ago, by a group of friends and people here on the island who either originate here or live here, out of their love for this place. We live on the northern side of the island, which is beautiful ..and we want to take care of it and look after it. We live in a very beautiful place. All of Aigina is beautiful. It is simply that there are some omissions and some problems that have come about with the development of technology and with “development” generally. The aim of the Aigina Workshop is to protect the cultural and civilization heritage and the structured natural environment. We started seeing in the skies over Aigina these phenomena and we started wondering what exactly is happening. On each occasion we were provided with information - and Nektarios Koukoulia has helped greatly with the questions…he started the subject when he went to the Council in 2003… and thank you very much to Wayne’s group and to everyone who takes an interest in this great problem. And what is the problem? That is to say, what do we believe? We start first by getting our house in order, and our environment and our village. We want to protect this island from this type of activity that damages the environment and by extension us. Of course we are also part of a global village as the mayor of pointed out… and we are interested in many environmental problems and anxious about what is happening.

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