"The Contribution of Aigina to the International Campaign against Aerosol spraying and ‘Geoengineering’ 
7th March 2010, Municipal Theatre of Aigina"

Message from Peter Vereecke Former mayor of Evergem, Belgium Belfort group 

(Τhe message was read by Theodora Spyridaki)

Dear citizens and friends of Aigina, 
I wish I could be in person with you this morning and in thoughts, emotions and intentions I am. There is only one thing I want to make clear to you. 
When John Kennedy, the last US president who deserved to be given that title, visited Berlin, he said: “Ich bin ein Berliner.” 
Likewise I would say: “I am a citizen of Aigina. Because it means I am a true citizen who is concerned about the way things are going. Not only in my own little town, but also in the great world village. 
“I am a citizen of Aigina.” Because it means that I no longer keep quiet in indifferent apathy, but I step forward to become a fighter for truth, freedom and the integrity of humankind. 
“I am a citizen of Aigina.” Because it means I am aware of the extraordinary times we are witnessing. These are time of change, times of overturn and reversal, and also times of hope. 
Aigina has become like a beacon to the world, showing that we do not have to accept the darkness that some of our rulers wish to impose on us. We can choose to work for true democracy, as your ancestors taught to later generations. 
I wish you all a very interesting and inspiring meeting in which the light of truth will be set on the illegal and systematic spraying of all kinds of harmful substances into our beautiful skies.
I affirm to you that like all courageous fighters who participate in this struggle, we do not intend to accept this scandalous crime against our mother Earth, “mètèr Gaia”.
Citizens and friends of Aigina, this fine island that is so important historically and symbolically. All of humanity is on your side!

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