Successful function in Volos on chemical aerial spraying

Information: Freideriki Zougrou

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In the packed Metaxourgeio hall in Neo Ionia, Volos, the public meeting was on chemical aerial spraying was held that was organized by the Movement against Chemical Aerial Spraying and the Environmental Initiative of Magnesia. The key speaker was the distinguished scientist Mr.Nikos Katsaros, former Head of Research in the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the “Democritus” National Research Centre in the Physical Sciences. The introduction was delivered by Mrs Aliki Stefanou, with Mrs Freideriki Zougrou responsible for successful organization of the meeting.

In his talk Nikos Katsaros made clear mention of the problems entailed for the environment and for people by the continual flight of aircraft leaving trails containing heavy metals, which do not disappear like those from ordinary aircraft. He also referred to the conspiracy of silence that exists on the part of governments, but also on the part of the scientific community.

His talk was followed by a discussion and election of a co-ordinating committee to organize the struggle to deal with this problem from now on.

At the conclusion of the meeting the following resolution was passed:




Τhe members of the Movement against Chemical Aerial Spraying and the Environmental Initiative of Magnesia, along with the citizens who came together today, Wednesday 10th March 2010 in Volos, in the Metaxourgeio hall, Nea Ionia, having heard the information on the subject of the chemical spraying from the distinguished scientist Mr. Nikos Katsaros:

Perceive όthat the problem is very serious, that it concerns the whole planet and has a direct bearing on the  health of citizens and the environment.  We consider that there is a conspiracy of silence around such an important question, which is however obvious, almost every day, to citizens on account of the white “trails” from aircraft which do not disappear,  but spread through the atmosphere creating artificial cloud and often changing the weather in an entire region. .

They contain hydrophilic  chemical substances such as barium salts, aluminium oxides and quartz, which absorb atmospheric moisture and reflect a proportion of the sun’s rays back into space. .

There is information that these  “chemtrails” serve the purpose of experimental implementation of new military and other technologies, utilizing the ionosphere and other layers of the upper atmosphere and affecting them, so as to achieve technical modification of the weather and application of biological experiments on entire populations.  

As citizens of Greece and the planet we demand to be told the truth. We do not agree to be guinea pigs for an experiment with an uncertain outcome for every living being on this planet.

We declare that we propose to continue our struggle, together with others who perceive the dangers of chemical aerial spraying, in Greece and abroad. .

Health is more precious than any other good in the world and we propose to defend it by whatever means necessary.

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