HAARP and the Japanese earthquake


Coping: With Nonmeaningful Coincidences


Remember the old TV show, Columbo with Peter Falk, where Falk would often be leaving the scene of the crime and would stop, turn, and say - heavily accents with a lower-class brogue -  something like "Escuse, shir, but there's just one shing dats bothering me..."


I have days like that - like this morning, for example, where there's just one thing bothering me.


Proof seems to exist now that not all earthquakes are created equal


At least, insofar as the magnetometer readings about the government/University of Alaska High Altitude Atmospheric Project, a/k/a HAARP which, as you may recall from our earlier discussions, uses a huge steerable HF radio transmitter system which is powered with a roughly 2-megawatt powerplant which, given the size of their antenna array, pumps many megawatts (if not gigawatts) of effective radiated power (ERP) into the ionosphere for "research".


So powerful is the radiation off the HARP site, that they even have their own local radar to augment other radar coverage so that aircraft in the area aren't inadvertently damaged.  In other words, lotsa, lotsa power.

Over the years, a lot of crackpot theories have developed around HAARP, but it's always been conjecture based on the magnetometers since I've been unable to locate the critical data needed to interpret whether HAARP was causative to some of the odd phenomena afoot in the world today, like bird kills, out-of-place earthquakes, and the like, or whether it was coincident to anomalous events.


The data which would be required in order to make such an assessment necessarily include:  Effective radiated power (ERP) the directional heading of the array - since in high frequency (HF) radio, there are always two paths to anywhere on earth (the short path and the long path which is the reciprocal direction from the antenna heading) as well as take-off angles, since the take-off angle of a radio wave may be varied.


Just to give a simple example, if I wish to contact someone in Europe on ham radio from my home QTH (location), I point my directional antenna, a 3-element yagi beam, off at about 45 degrees to hit Italy, for example.  The tower goes up to the 60' foot level and "Ciao", "bon journo", or whoever comes back.

For closer-in communications, say with a ham  in New Mexico, I'd lower the beam to about 30-feet (causing a more acute (higher) take-off angle which would come down sooner off the F2 layer, if I was playing that bank-shot, and I'd head out at 285º, being constantly careful never to exceed the FCC limit on ham radio operations of 1.5 kW Peak Envelop Power (PEP).  I always keep to about 1.2 kW PEP just to be safe.  And yes, hams have RFI compliance statements about exposure to the general public in uncontrolled areas) and controlled areas, such as their own property and yes, there is signage at the entrance to our property which spells out that high power RF may be in use.


Back to point: HF antennas have power, direction, and maximum take-off angle  lobes which dyed-in-the-wool hams (verging on geekly types) like me model using antenna modeling software such as W7EL's fine EZNEC program to see what's going on with their antennas...


Which gets me back to HAARP.  Since the public doesn't get access to transmitter logs with frequency, pulse type, power, direction, and take-off angles the only thing we know is that yes, HAARP's magnetometers were on and working at the time of the 9.0 quake off Honshu, but follow me here: this is where things get interesting: 


I plotted out the times of the Japan quake plus a few other quakes (6.0 and above) that were temporally adjacent, and put a few of them on the magnetometer timeline from HAARP's database and this is what we get:




See that big spiky thing around 07:00-08:00  UTC on March 10?  Guess what's there?  A 4.8 off Honshu...  That's the big black spike which is followed by the next big black spike smack dab coincident with the 9/.09 quake!


The 6.1 off Honshu didn't do anything yet a 4.8 is coincident and then the 9.0?  Like wait for something then pump it maybe?  Of course not!  Why, such thinking would verge on conspiratorial, would it not?  But then again, there's the data to mull...and certainly a mechanism might be postualated.


You're welcome to perform the same work yourself (better do it today, since the USGS data for the 9th of March is about to roll off the USGS recent quakes list here


Frankly, I don't expect the data magnetometer data to disappear off HAARP, but who knows in this world, eh?


But seems evident to me that if nothing else, HAARP which has cost hundreds of millions of your tax dollars and mine, seems to conclusively demonstrate that not all earthquakes are created equal at least in terms of magnetometer readings in Gakona, Alaska, and you just know that there's a lot more to this for the government to have spent the hundreds of millions, since the Department of Defense is running projects using the equipment at the site and warns against any improper use of the site on that account.


If you want to have a ton of fun, you could go into the magnetometer chain and look up the data for the magnetometer chains in the general direction of Japan, and what do you find?  Missing data for places like Trapper Creek and Anchorage which, although they are in the general (short path) direction of Japan, is only coincidental....we're sure....try to fake a look of surprise right about here....


And now we get to the "One ting dats bothering me...."


Again, this is highly coincidental, George tilting at windmills stuff, but Japan as you probably know has a huge unfunded pension liability.  Nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars in 2009 and still growing according to this Bloomberg report from January of 2010:

Japan’s top 278 companies were a combined 21.5 trillion yen ($235.7 billion) behind on their pension funding in fiscal 2009,

A fair-minded business reporter would be looking - about now - for the PTB (powers that be) to tip their hand on what happens to those pension liabilities...national emergency - that kind of thing.


I don't know about you, but I'd sure like to see HAARP open up and report all of it's transmitter operations and array headings for the week prior to the Japan quake.  Not that I'm asserting any wrongdoing, of course.  BUT I am bothered down at the soul level level what jumps out of the magnetometer readings.


That all earthquakes are not equal.


And that's got some huge scientific ramifications, including perhaps, hints about the expando planet idea, just for openers.


Oh, and if you see a modest quake in the Pacific Northwest or New Madrid area later this month?  Tighten the seat belt just in case.  How is it a 6.1 does nothing to the magnetometers and a 4.8 follows a ramping pulse-stepped kind of pattern, again?


Minor Non Sequiturs

Which are do-not-follows:  Elaine came over to the office yesterday with a bewildered look.

"I just saw on a live feed on TV that officials were telling people who might be exposed to radiation to go back to their homes and close their doors and windows..."

And your point, dear?

"Well, don't the officials realize that for most of these people the doors and windows were broken by the quake if their homes are standing at all?"

Well, I guess when you put it that way.  Maybe government officials being out of touch is systemic?


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